Lok Virsa, also known as the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, is a cultural organization in Pakistan that was established in 1974. The aim of Lok Virsa is to promote and preserve Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, which includes folk music, crafts, and traditional arts.

The idea for the establishment of Lok Virsa was first proposed in 1966 by a group of Pakistani intellectuals who were concerned about the erosion of the country’s cultural heritage. In 1972, the government of Pakistan formed a committee to study the proposal and make recommendations. The committee recommended the establishment of a national institute to promote and preserve Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

In 1974, Lok Virsa was established as a subsidiary of the National Council of Arts. The organization was initially housed in a rented building in Islamabad, but in 2002, it moved to its current location in Shakarparian.

Over the years, Lok Virsa has played a significant role in preserving Pakistan’s cultural heritage. The organization has conducted extensive research on the country’s folk traditions and has organized numerous events and exhibitions to showcase Pakistan’s rich cultural diversity.

Today, Lok Virsa is a well-respected institution that is recognized both nationally and internationally for its work in preserving and promoting Pakistan’s cultural heritage. It continues to play an important role in keeping alive the country’s diverse cultural traditions for future generations to enjoy.