ChainGPT coin, also known as $CGPT, is the utility token of the ChainGPT ecosystem. It is used to access the various AI tools and products powered by ChainGPT, including the AI Chatbot, Dev Assist, AI-Generated News, AI-Generated NFTs, AI Trading Bot, and ChainGPT Virtual Machine.

In addition, $CGPT is used as a means of payment within the ecosystem, allowing users to pay for services and utilities provided by ChainGPT. The coin is also used to incentivize developers and users to contribute to the development and growth of the ecosystem.

Half of all the fees and profits collected by the ChainGPT tools & utilities within the ecosystem are burned, decreasing the supply of $CGPT. The other half is used for the growth and sustainability of the ChainGPT ecosystem.

It’s important to note that $CGPT is intended solely for use within the ChainGPT AI ecosystem, and it should not be construed as financial advice or an inducement to purchase the token for any purpose other than to interact with the ChainGPT AI bot, which is available at the time of the token sale. As with any investment, it’s important to conduct due diligence and seek professional advice before making any decisions.