When it comes to the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, one can’t help but wonder what kind of car he drives. Does he opt for a sleek sports car or does he prefer a more practical vehicle? Let’s take a peek inside Bill Gates’ garage to find out.

Bill Gates’ Garage: What Kind of Car Does He Drive?

Contrary to popular belief, Bill Gates isn’t one to show off his wealth with flashy cars. In fact, he’s been known to drive a humble vehicle – the Ford Focus. Yes, you read that right! Despite having a net worth of over $100 billion, Gates chooses to drive a car that is affordable and practical.

But that’s not all. Gates also owns a Porsche 911 Carrera, which is a stark contrast to his daily driver. The 911 Carrera is a high-performance sports car and a favorite among car enthusiasts. It’s clear that Gates enjoys the thrill of driving a powerful machine, but he doesn’t feel the need to flaunt it on a daily basis.

Inside the Car Collection of the Richest Man in the World

While Gates may not have a garage filled with luxury cars, he does have a few other notable vehicles. One of them is a rare Porsche 959, which was produced in limited quantities in the 1980s. The 959 was revolutionary for its time, featuring advanced technology such as all-wheel drive and a twin-turbocharged engine.

Another car in Gates’ collection is the Jaguar XJ6. This classic British car is known for its elegant design and smooth ride. It’s clear that Gates has a soft spot for vintage cars, as the XJ6 was produced in the 1970s.

In addition to these cars, Gates has also been spotted driving a Tesla Model S. The Model S is an all-electric vehicle that’s known for its impressive acceleration and cutting-edge technology. It’s clear that Gates values sustainability and innovation, which is reflected in his choice of car.

While Bill Gates may not have a garage filled with flashy cars, his collection is still impressive in its own right. From a rare Porsche 959 to a humble Ford Focus, Gates’ cars reflect his practicality and appreciation for innovation. It’s refreshing to see the richest man in the world driving a car that is accessible to the masses, and it’s clear that he values functionality over opulence.