Multan is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan, known for its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and delicious food. Here are some things to do in Multan:

  1. Visit the Shrine of Bahauddin Zakariya: This is one of the most famous shrines in Multan, dedicated to a Sufi saint who was also the founder of the Suhrawardiyya order.

  2. Explore the Multan Fort: This fort was built by the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, Ruknuddin Firuz, in the 12th century. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  3. Check out the Hussain Agahi Bazaar: This is one of the oldest markets in Multan and is famous for its handicrafts, jewelry, and textiles.

  4. Visit the Shahi Eid Gah Mosque: This mosque was built during the Mughal era and is known for its beautiful architecture.

  5. Try the local cuisine: Multani cuisine is famous for its spicy and flavorful dishes, such as Sohan Halwa, Saji, and Multani Tikka.

  6. Visit the Multan Museum: This museum has a collection of artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization, Gandhara, and Islamic eras.

  7. Take a walk in the Ghanta Ghar Clock Tower area: This area is known for its colonial-era architecture and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

  8. Explore the Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam: This tomb is the final resting place of a famous Sufi saint and is considered one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in Pakistan.

  9. Visit the Multan Art Council: This is a cultural center that hosts art exhibitions, music performances, and other cultural events throughout the year.

  10. Take a day trip to the nearby archaeological sites: Multan is located near several important archaeological sites, including Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, and Taxila.