Rawalpindi is a bustling city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, adjacent to the capital city of Islamabad. The city is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and bustling bazaars. It has served as a significant center of trade, commerce, and cultural exchange for centuries. In this article, we will discuss the history, areas, and sectors of Rawalpindi, the best visiting points, and all hotels to stay details.


Rawalpindi is an ancient city that has played a pivotal role in the history of the subcontinent. The city’s roots can be traced back to the 6th century BC, when it was a part of the Gandhara Kingdom. Over the centuries, the city changed hands several times, coming under the rule of the Mauryan Empire, the Mughal Empire, and the British Empire. During the British era, Rawalpindi emerged as an important military and commercial center. Today, Rawalpindi is one of the largest cities in Pakistan and serves as a hub for transportation, commerce, and culture.

Areas Names:

Rawalpindi is divided into several areas, each with its own distinct character and vibe. Some of the most popular areas in Rawalpindi include:

  • Saddar
  • Chaklala
  • Tench Bhatta
  • Satellite Town
  • Bahria Town
  • Gulistan Colony
  • Westridge
  • Lalazar
  • Raja Bazaar
  • Commercial Market
Best Visiting Points:

Rawalpindi is a city full of historical and cultural landmarks, natural beauty, and vibrant bazaars. Some of the best visiting points in Rawalpindi include:

  1. Ayub National Park
  2. Rawalpindi Museum
  3. Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
  4. Pir Sohawa
  5. Shakarparian
  6. Liaquat Bagh
  7. Army Museum
  8. Nawaz Sharif Park
  9. Gurdwara Janam Asthan Panja Sahib
  10. The Raja Bazaar
Hotels to Stay Details:

Rawalpindi has a wide range of hotels to cater to tourists from all over the world. Some of the best hotels to stay in Rawalpindi include:

  1. Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi
  2. Flashman’s Hotel
  3. Shalimar Hotel
  4. Hotel Royal Palace
  5. Hotel Akbar International
  6. Royalton Hotel
  7. Hotel Margala
  8. Grace Crown Hotel
  9. Safari Club 1
  10. Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel


Rawalpindi is a vibrant city that offers a range of experiences for tourists. The city’s rich history, culture, and bazaars are a must-see for anyone visiting Pakistan. Rawalpindi’s areas each have their own unique feel, from the bustling Raja Bazaar to the serene Ayub National Park. The city’s hotels cater to a wide range of travelers, making it easy to find accommodation that suits your budget and needs. If you’re planning a trip to Pakistan, Rawalpindi is a city that should definitely be on your itinerary.