Chichawatni is a small city located in the Sahiwal District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated on the main highway that connects Lahore to Multan, making it a convenient stopover for travelers. The city is known for its agricultural produce, particularly cotton, and wheat, and has a small industrial sector as well.

As Chichawatni is a relatively small city, there are not many high-end hotels in the area. However, there are a few comfortable options for travelers looking to stay in the city. Here are some of the top best hotels in Chichawatni, along with their locations and brief descriptions:

  1. Chichawatni Hotel and Restaurant: Located on the main highway, Chichawatni Hotel and Restaurant is a budget-friendly option for travelers. The hotel features simple rooms and a restaurant that serves local and Pakistani cuisine.

  2. Al-Saadat Hotel: Situated in the center of Chichawatni, Al-Saadat Hotel is a mid-range hotel that offers comfortable rooms and basic amenities.

  3. Regent Hotel Chichawatni: Located on the main highway, Regent Hotel Chichawatni is a budget-friendly hotel that features clean and comfortable rooms.

  4. Al-Waha Hotel: Situated near the city’s bus terminal, Al-Waha Hotel is a budget-friendly option that offers basic amenities and comfortable rooms.

  5. Al-Qasr Hotel: Located near the city’s market area, Al-Qasr Hotel is a budget-friendly option that offers clean and comfortable rooms.

Overall, these hotels offer simple but comfortable accommodation options for travelers visiting Chichawatni. The city is mainly a stopover for those traveling between Lahore and Multan, but it does have a few local attractions such as the Noor Mahal, a historical palace, and the Chichawatni Wildlife Park.