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Diversity & Inclusion

How a Derailed Corporate Branding Launch Turned Into a New Hispanic Recovery Effort

What do you do when a major corporate diversity initiative’s launch is sidelined by a global pandemic? If you’re Claudia Romo Edelman and you’ve spent your entire career marketing humanitarian campaigns, you pivot and find a way to help. Hispanic Star was all set to launch March 26 with a sponsorship rollout and special Spanish-language… Read More

Getty Offers $10,000 Grant to Women, Nonbinary Creatives

With so many freelance creatives out of work, a little good news is overdue. Today, Getty Images announced a new $10,000 grant for women and nonbinary creatives who have been shooting commercial photographs and videos for less than five years. The grant is the first of a new, ongoing funding stream earmarked for diverse imagery… Read More

There Are More Opportunities Than Ever Before for Women to Connect With Each Other

There’s never been a better time to be a woman in business. This Women’s History Month, we are celebrating the explosion in the ways women have to connect with each other. A new crop of female-only social networking apps like Bumble Bizz, Ellevate Squads, the Cru and Chief promise to bring women together for professional… Read More

Adweek’s Podcast Talks Women’s History Month and the Latest Coronavirus Updates

On a very unique Women’s History Month episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, senior editor Nicole Ortiz talked with audience engagement editor Jess Zafarris and photo editor Kacy Burdette about being a woman in the industry and (because it’s an unavoidable topic) the latest coronavirus news. Burdette talked about the amazing female photographers Adweek… Read More

Faux Subway Posters Urge NYC Commuters to Curb Anti-Asian Hate

Two weeks ago, when people still left their homes and New Yorkers took the subway to work, Thomas Shim and Evan Choi snuck from station to station pasting up posters. With the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) logo stamped in the upper right corner and the familiar phrase “Service Information” emblazoned across the top, the posters… Read More

Remembering Alice Lowe, One of San Francisco’s Most Influential Agency Leaders

San Francisco’s ad scene has always been nothing short of colorful. Far from agency hubs of New York and Chicago, its history is dotted with characters who beat to a different drum. The work was (and still is to some degree) infused with a west coast quirkiness that raised the eyebrows of the establishment. In… Read More

Can Food Bloggers Save Chinatowns Across America From Coronavirus Panic?

New York food blogger Christine Yi spends a lot of time in Manhattan’s Chinatown, so she noticed immediately when its streets, stores and restaurants became unusually empty just after Chinese New Year on Jan. 25. “Hong Kong Supermarket, even on weekdays, has crazy lines, and when I went on a weekend there were practically no… Read More

Twitter Aims for Women to Make Up One-Half of Its Workforce by 2025

Twitter released its Inclusion & Diversity Report for March 2020 Wednesday, along with some revised goals. Vice president of people experience and head of inclusion and diversity Dalana Brand said in a blog post that Twitter’s representation of women, black and Latinx employees all increased in 2019. Women made up 47.1% of new hires at… Read More

How Enforcing a Gender-Balanced Workplace Will Propel Brands Forward

Menswear brand Bonobos is run by a woman–me–and has an executive team that is dominated by women. For some, that may be surprising. After all, you might imagine that in order for us to truly understand our audience, cater to them and drive business results, we should live in their shoes. I beg to differ…. Read More

How Do You Highlight the Frustration of Tampon Dispensers? Make Men Pay for Toilet Paper

For decades, women have had to deal with infuriating, unreliable tampon dispensers in public restrooms, where if you’re lucky enough to find one working, you’re almost sure to find out it’s out of stock. But all the frustrations about how (or whether) tampon dispensers work can drown out a seemingly obvious question: Why aren’t tampons… Read More


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