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The Long and Troubled History of Uncle Sam’s Corporate Rescues—Just Don’t Call Them ‘Bailouts’

At some point, likely in the next day or two, the United States Congress will send the biggest economic stimulus bill in American history to the president’s desk–a comprehensive aid package worth $1.8 trillion and a “wartime level of investment in our nation,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in the early hours of Wednesday…. Read More

Sports Leagues Were Already All In on TikTok. Then the Coronavirus Hit

“And at guard … in his rookie season … from Murray State University … Ja Morant!” Sporting his full Memphis Grizzlies getup, the NBA’s second overall draft pick stormed out of his living room, swatted some imaginary high fives to imaginary teammates and hopped around to energize an imaginary crowd. The makeshift public address announcer… Read More

What Can Brands Do If the Coronavirus Crisis Drags On for Months?

All it takes is a walk down any street in a major metropolitan area to see how many consumer-facing businesses are responding to the coronavirus crisis, which is unfolding, and worsening, by the day. With governors in at least 19 states having slapped restrictions on bars and restaurants, many are now closed. Chains from McDonald’s… Read More


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