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Finding the Right Takeaways From CCPA for Brands

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown on June 28, 2018. That should have been a wake-up call for the advertising industry. The CCPA officially went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020 and that should have been the next wake-up call for the industry. Currently, we are in a… Read More

Ad Tech Is Trying to Rebuild the Industry From the Ground Up

Faced with an existential threat to the business model of large swaths of its membership, the Internet Advertising Bureau is devising new ad targeting methods independent of cookies. The trade org’s Annual Leadership Meeting kicked off this week with a three-day summit in Palm Desert, Calif., during what is arguably the most crucial moment in… Read More

How The New York Times Is Revising Its Digital Playbook

As the digital media landscape has evolved over the past decade, many media companies have had to scramble as CPMs have failed to match up to offline rate cards. Additionally, online audiences have (for the most part) been conditioned to expect free content, a phenomenon that has upended the business model of most legacy publishers…. Read More

Adweek’s Privacy Guide Will Track the Biggest Issue in Tech

A single change is threatening to upending the ad-tech world: the death of third-party cookies. But that tiny piece of code in your browser is far from the only issue driving concerns about online privacy, the need to protect data from malicious actors as well as profit-seeking companies, and giving consumers a choice in how… Read More

The Sole Ad-Tech Player Riding the Privacy Wave

The digital media industry juddered when Google said it would join Apple and Firefox in prohibiting third-party cookies on Chrome, its industry-leading browser. The decision stoked uncertainty among investors in publicly listed ad-tech stocks. For example, investor confidence in retargeting stalwart Criteo crashed in the immediate aftermath of the announcement (Wall Street’s ad-tech sweetheart The… Read More

Google’s Onerous Balancing Act Between Privacy and Profit

Google’s parent company Alphabet is in a rare and potentially precarious position: It must answer growing public calls for privacy while placating governments eager to maintain market competition, all while continuing to impress Wall Street with its growth. The search giant earned $45.8 billion in revenue in the final quarter of 2019, up from $39… Read More

Xandr’s Brian Lesser on Partnerships, M&A and Overcoming the Cookie Crisis

Few executives have the instant name recognition of Brian Lesser: CEO of AT&T’s ad-tech unit Xandr, former chief executive of GroupM in North America, and Adweek’s Executive of the Year in 2018. Having worked in ad tech since the mid-2000s, Lesser is the man most synonymous with the GroupM programmatic powerhouse of the early-to-mid 2010s,… Read More

Advertising Trades Urge California Attorney General to Delay CCPA

Less than 24 hours after the 14th annual international Data Privacy Day passed, five of the nation’s leading advertising and marketing trade associations urged California Attorney General Xavier Becerra today through a joint letter to delay his office’s enforcement of the California Consumer Protection Act. The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies), American Advertising Federation… Read More

‘Careful What You Wish For,’ Ad-Tech Firms Respond to Privacy Mandate

Today, if you can believe it, is the 14th annual international Data Privacy Day, and as the ad-tech industry marks off Jan. 28 on the calendar, companies are reflecting on the early impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act. Public awareness about how personal data is used as a transactional currency is rising, and a… Read More

Pivot to Privacy: How Publishers Are Handling CCPA So Far

It’s been three weeks since the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was implemented, and publishers say it’s still too early to tell what effect, if any, it will have on their businesses but they’re closely monitoring what’s to come. Publishers have been preparing since the legislation was passed in June 2018. For many, that’s meant… Read More


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