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Q&A: Marketing Guru Seth Godin on How to Be a Better Marketer

Seth Godin is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. He also runs an online course that helps marketers learn by doing, which has resonated with many industry professionals over the years. Godin joined us on a bonus episode of Adweek’s Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad podcast to talk about how marketers can do their jobs better…. Read More

3 Elements of Your Brand That Can Shine Through in These Harrowing Times

Do tough times reveal the true character of a brand? Facing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and subsequent disruption in nearly all industry sectors, how might a brand’s choices reveal its nature or true personality, strengthen or damage or perhaps transform its relationship with stakeholders? Brand actions during critical moments such as this can prompt a… Read More

As Big Business Pivots, It’s on Brands to Meet Consumer and Investor Demand

Over the past 40 years, two factors–technology and Wall Street–have totally rewritten how brands are built. Both drove us to short-term, transactional marketing. Technology’s impact is obvious: an upended media landscape, one-to-one customer relationships at scale, a new retail channel capable of delivering almost instantaneous gratification, the constant thrum and beat of social media. Wall… Read More

3 Brands Really Paving the Way for Women

History is filled with successful female leaders and pioneers–Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Joan of Arc, Maya Angelou, Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart. Today, some of the most successful, well-known brands are led by strong female CEOs like Mary T. Barra at General Motors, Michele Buck at The Hershey Company or Jill Soltau at JCPenney…. Read More

White Castle to Test Plant-Based Cheddar Cheese in New York and New Jersey

Diners will have at least one less thing to feel guilty about when they order food at late-night staple White Castle, thanks to the chain’s addition of plant-based cheese to its menu. The burger chain will soon be offering dairy-free cheddar cheese, courtesy of maker GoodPlanet Foods, as an alternative for its customers in New… Read More

McDonald’s Online Shop Is Dropping Quarter Pounder-Inspired Merch

McDonald’s is dropping an all-new line of fan club swag this week in an ode to one of its iconic hamburgers: The Quarter Pounder. The burger-inspired merchandise will allow customers to live, breathe and share their love of the burger, which has been around for five decades. But the products will only be on sale… Read More

Popeyes Sold Out Its Athleisure Versions of Uniform Inspired by Beyoncé’s Ivy Park

Popeyes is merging the drive-through and the runway with its own fashion line of stylish takes on employee uniforms, modeled after the latest collection from Beyonc?’s Ivy Park clothing brand. The gag was inspired by jokes online noting the resemblance between the orange-and-maroon color scheme and casual minimalism of Ivy Park’s new activewear collaboration with… Read More

What Happens When You Drink 31 Nonalcoholic Beers in Dry January?

With the new decade, people want to start trying a trend that has been gathering steam in recent years: Dry January. Dry January is a concept that began in 2013 and was trademarked in 2014. Organized initially by Wales Alcohol Change UK, it promotes a break in drinking for the month of January. According to… Read More

Las Vegas Delays Activating New Slogan After the Death of Kobe Bryant, His Daughter and Others

Last week, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) revealed it was switching up its iconic slogan, “What happens here, stays here.” While R&R Partners’ principal and CEO Billy Vassiliadis wouldn’t tip the slogan, the smart money was on “What happens here, only happens here.” On last night’s Grammy Awards, that exact slogan came… Read More

Brands Mourned Kobe Bryant’s Shocking Passing

After a helicopter carrying nine people on board crashed on a remote hillside in Calabasas, Calif., brands paid tribute to Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant. The horrific and untimely death of Kobe and Gianna (known as a particularly close father-daughter duo due to their shared love of basketball), along with seven other… Read More


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