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The News Provenance Project Wants to Save Journalism Using Blockchain

There’s a curious sense of irony that The New York Times R&D Lab is looking at an unrefined, if not undeveloped, technology to fix an industry beset by issues created by, well, technology. Over the past couple of years, The New York Times, working with IBM to create The News Provenance Project, has been looking… Read More

Vodafone Leaves Facebook-Spearheaded Libra Association Cryptocurrency Initiative

Vodafone became the latest company to bow out of the Libra Association, the cryptocurrency initiative being spearheaded by Facebook. A spokesperson for Vodafone told Nikhilesh De of CoinDesk that the company will focus on its M-Pesa digital payment service and expanding it beyond the six nations in Africa where it currently operates, adding, “We have… Read More


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