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Airlines ‘Doing the Math’ on How to Accommodate More Travelers

As Americans begin to travel again, airlines are adding routes to carry passengers. But a total recovery isn’t yet in sight. Last weekend showed signs of progress, as the Transportation Security Administration logged the busiest weekend since mid-March with more than 1.8 million travelers passing through America’s airports. But that number still represents a steep… Read More

Why Companies Want Clorox as Much as Consumers Do (If Not More)

Consumers are desperate for Clorox, and so are brands. More valuable than the disinfecting wipes and sprays, though, has been the sense of safety and security that’s become wrapped up with the Clorox brand. In late May, for instance, a Harris Poll found that U.S. consumers ranked Clorox second on a list of the most… Read More

Fear of Germy Planes Becomes a Boon for iFly’s New Travel-Size Antiseptic Kits

Long before Covid-19, it was the seasonal flu that people feared, and the 2017 flu season was a bad one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45 million people got sick that year, over 800,000 bad enough to be hospitalized, and 61,000 died. Of course, most Americans didn’t think about statistics like… Read More

The Pandemic Is Ongoing, but Brands Are Encouraging Travel Again

How many Americans would travel to Las Vegas in the middle of a pandemic if their flight was paid for? Evidently, at least 2,000. With social distancing still the recommended course of action in the U.S., travel remains at a low. While some airlines have noted a small uptick in travel, Memorial Day traffic was… Read More

United Airlines Teams Up With Clorox for CleanPlus Cleanliness Initiative

After telling investors that the worst of travel’s Covid-19 woes may be over, airlines are continuing to formalize their new cleaning initiatives to earn traveler confidence. This morning, United Airlines announced a new sanitization and cleaning initiative called United CleanPlus that will include a partnership with the cleaning products company Clorox. United’s program is similar… Read More

Delta Sees Small Uptick in Bookings, a Glimmer of Hope for Travel Industry

Although there’s not yet a light at the end of the tunnel for the travel industry, there are small inklings of hope. At Delta Airlines, that’s come in the form of a slight increase in bookings. “We have seen a bounce off the bottom,” said Delta CFO Paul Jacobson at Wolfe Research’s annual (though, this… Read More

Democratic Senators Introduce Bill Requiring Airlines to Refund Canceled Travel

Democratic senators have introduced legislation today that will require major airlines to offer “full cash” refunds for all tickets canceled during the Covid-19 pandemic. While it’s unclear how far the partisan bill will get, the legislation was spearheaded by Sens. Edward Markey, D-Mass., former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., Chris Murphy, D-Conn.,… Read More

Some Airlines Are Giving up the Middle Seat. Not Frontier

Most major U.S. airlines, including Delta, Alaska and American, are giving passengers the option to practice social distancing 30,000 feet in the air by making the decision to no longer sell the middle seat on their flights. Budget carrier Frontier Airlines, however, is taking a different approach: If customers don’t want anyone in the middle… Read More

JetBlue Is the First Airline to Require Passengers to Wear a Mask

Even though practically no one is flying, starting May 4 all passengers aboard any JetBlue flight will be required to wear a face covering. The airline made the announcement Monday evening, taking so far the biggest step so far by any airline toward ensuring customer safety during the Covid-19 outbreak. There was no timeline for… Read More

It Could Take 3 Years for Delta to Reach ‘Sustainable Recovery’

It could take three years for Delta Air Lines to return to where it was financially before Covid-19, according to CEO Ed Bastian. In the airline’s Q1 earnings call Wednesday, Bastian said that given “the combined effects of the pandemic and the associated financial impact on the global economy, we believe it could be up… Read More


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