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Adweek Together: Amazon’s Limitless, Precarious Reach

The world’s largest ecommerce platform was deemed an essential business early on. In fact, Amazon is essential in several ways: for providing food, for transporting goods, for selling healthcare products and in the space of communications and information technology. And where there is demand, Amazon is there to supply. Two weeks ago, the retail giant… Read More

Adweek Together: The Way Forward for Agencies

The challenges facing the brand marketing ecosystem today are unlike any other we’ve seen before. This much, you all know. But how are the key players who make up this ecosystem adapting to a new, uncertain–though most certainly temporary–situation? For some players, there are short-term fixes. But the coronavirus crisis is also presenting new ways… Read More

Adweek Together: How to Stay Creative in Uncertain Times

One of the greatest challenges for the advertising world in the age of coronavirus is how to maintain creativity. With a continuous stream of dreadful news that affects all of our personal and professional lives, what drives the creative process these days? Earlier this week, Adweek travel reporter Ryan Barwick spoke to a creative at… Read More

Adweek Together: The Future of Work

Maria Scileppi has had an enviable career. She’s worked for some of the biggest names in advertising, including Young & Rubicam and 72andSunny. She is a past director of the Chicago Portfolio School. And in between, she’s had stints at tech companies Autodesk and Dropbox focusing on the future of work. In February, just as… Read More

Adweek Together: This Nation Is Now Flattening the Curve

Despite more than 9,600 reported cases of COVID-19, the Republic of South Korea has managed to begin flattening the curve–meaning that a region has finally slowed the progress of the coronavirus. March 8 was a turning point for the country: Though infections were still increasing, the rate of new cases has begun leveling off. How… Read More

Adweek Together: How Publishers and Ad Buyers Are Adapting

Adweek is among the hundreds of publications working through the new realities of doing business during a pandemic. Our sales team is seeking out new business while modifying existing deals, our branded content team is serving the community through packed webinars, and the editorial team is keeping the industry informed and updated through the magazine… Read More

Adweek Together: How Retailers Are Preparing for an Erratic Year

As 2020 began, many retailers were already in a precarious position. As we’ve been sharing in our Retail Tracker, businesses ranging from sporting goods store Modell’s to home furnishings retailer Pier 1 and fast food chain Krystal have all filed for Chapter 11 this year. But in this time of COVID-19, many major chains that… Read More

Adweek Together: Streaming Services Hit Their Stride

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu have cornered the market for on-demand viewer eyeballs. But with the entry of Disney+ in October and the anticipated launch of HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi later this year, they’re about to have some serious competition. What none of these deep-pocketed content producers saw coming, however,… Read More


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