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Adweek’s Podcast Talks Women’s History Month and the Latest Coronavirus Updates

On a very unique Women’s History Month episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, senior editor Nicole Ortiz talked with audience engagement editor Jess Zafarris and photo editor Kacy Burdette about being a woman in the industry and (because it’s an unavoidable topic) the latest coronavirus news. Burdette talked about the amazing female photographers Adweek… Read More

Q&A: Marketing Guru Seth Godin on How to Be a Better Marketer

Seth Godin is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. He also runs an online course that helps marketers learn by doing, which has resonated with many industry professionals over the years. Godin joined us on a bonus episode of Adweek’s Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad podcast to talk about how marketers can do their jobs better…. Read More

On the Adweek Podcast: What’s Happening in Austin as We Work From Home

SXSW? Canceled. Cannes? TBD. Breaking news reporter Katie Lundstrom dials in from Austin, Texas to tell us what’s happening on the ground. Co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im also discuss working from home in the time of coronavirus. You can subscribe to Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music and Stitcher… Read More

On the Adweek Podcast: Oh, the Stories We Could Tell About Coronavirus

The coronavirus is changing a lot of behaviors, from our personal hygiene habits to how events are held, affecting all corners of the media, advertising and marketing industries. Doug Zanger writes about how global advertising is slowing to a crawl, and retail reporter Lisa Lacy looks at how people are turning to searching and shopping… Read More

Adweek Podcast: Black History Month Edition

In a special Black History Month-themed episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, senior editor Nicole Ortiz hosted and spoke with five industry executives on op-eds they’ve written for us in the past around Black History Month and how we can further the diversity conversation. We were joined by Quiet Storm founder Trevor Robinson to… Read More

On the Adweek Podcast: The Retail Experience in 2020

The retail industry is rapidly changing. Experiential reporter Ian Zelaya writes: “More retailers are using experiential techniques to evolve and compete with online shopping.” He joins co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im to discuss the new mall, food hall and IRL shopping. Together with emerging tech reporter Patrick Kulp, we also discuss the world of… Read More

On the Adweek Super Bowl Ad Podcast: What Worked and What Didn’t

Jason Momoa rips himself apart in the Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl commercial. Bill Murray relives Groundhog Day (on actual Groundhog Day) for Jeep. Mr. Peanut is reborn as a talking baby and a debatable hashtag. To discuss the highs and lows of this year’s Super Bowl, Adweek podcast co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im are… Read More

Gary Vaynerchuk on VaynerMedia’s Rapid Ascent: ‘It’s Fun Because Now We’re Dangerous’

For most of VaynerMedia’s decade-long existence, it’s been seen in agency circles as a social media shop or, among the more cynical, a vanity project of its outspoken CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk. With more than 15 million followers across social platforms and an often polarizing demeanor, Vaynerchuk certainly isn’t the first influencer or serial entrepreneur to… Read More

On the Adweek Podcast: The Convenient Demise of Mr. Peanut Ahead of the Super Bowl

The heroic death of Mr. Peanut caused a bit of an earthquake. His selfless plunge to save his friends (Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh) reverberated on social media last week. Some of us were shocked. Others laughed. Planters will reportedly air Mr. Peanut’s funeral during the Super Bowl, though podcast co-host David Griner goes further… Read More

On the Adweek Podcast: Inside Bud Light’s Sneaky Super Bowl Ad by Droga5

Ahead of Super Bowl 2020, which is coming up in two weeks, we look back on last year’s scream-inducing Game of Thrones-meets-Bud Light spot during the Big Game (which topped our list Best Ads of 2019 list). On this week’s episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im sit down… Read More


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