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For April Fools’ Day, Adweek Surprised Rising Ad Talents With Unexpectedly VIP Zoom Calls

They thought they would be recording a video interview with Adweek about the career obstacles and issues they’re facing. What they got was something a bit more practical–and memorable. This year, traditional April Fools’ Day gags feel pretty out of sync with the state of the world, as a global pandemic continues to leave people… Read More

Vintage Travel Posters Are Reimagined for Social Distancing

After spending more than three weeks locked away in her two-room apartment in Palo Alto, Calif., Jennifer Baer felt the same pangs of helplessness and heaviness shared by the more than three-quarters of the country currently under stay-at-home orders. A creative designer at NASA, she already felt guilty for not doing more with all the… Read More

Iconic Album Covers Just Got the Social Distancing Treatment

One of history’s most iconic album covers is The Beatles’ Abbey Road. The photo of (in order from the right if you’re being picky) John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison is masterfully simple. The group walking across the street, VW Beetle parked not-quite-right, is lauded for its simplicity and has been tourist… Read More

Brands Promote Social Distancing With Altered Logos, Slogans

As governments around the world struggle to convince their citizens to stay home to curb the spread of the coronavirus, brands are stepping up to help. Using their own platforms and marketing teams, Chiquita Brands, Coca-Cola and Mucinex are among the many companies that have debuted branded PSAs urging people to abide by official recommendations… Read More

Austin’s 25 Brand Stars Share a Texas-Sized Spirit of Community and Innovation

Austin, Texas, is perceived as one of the hippest markets in the United States: BBQ, the music scene and, of course, South by Southwest. When peeling back the layers of the city, one will find a rich tapestry of technology, retail, media and cultural commitment that continues to emerge, further solidifying Austin as a unique… Read More

Just Weeks After Mr. Peanut’s Death, the Kool-Aid Man Has Gone Missing

A mere month after Mr. Peanut died, then rose again as Baby Nut, another potential disaster has struck the mascots of Kraft Heinz: The Kool-Aid Man has vanished. It’s quite the feat, given his large stature and typically boisterous demeanor, but everything is quiet and all walls are structurally sound. Is he safe? Keeping cool?… Read More


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