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Behind Crayola’s Continued Push for More Inclusion in Its Products

As the issue of race in America remains at the forefront of the national conversation, brands are increasingly under the microscope on how they view inclusion, both internally in their company’s staff and externally in their products. Some children’s brands took the issue to heart years ago. In 1968, Mattel debuted its first Black doll…. Read More

This UV-Sensitive Ad Reveals Florida’s Natural Adventures When Exposed to the Sun

The thought of traveling anywhere outside of the safe perimeter of your own backyard may seem daunting–maybe even impossible–in the midst of a pandemic, but Visit Florida and Outside Magazine are hoping to stir up wanderlust for a time when vacationing in prehistoric caverns and rare coral reefs is feasible again. To unveil the Sunshine… Read More

The Alcohol Removed From This 0% Beer Is Being Donated to Hospitals as Sanitizer

Ever wondered what happens to the alcohol that’s removed from 0% beer? In one case, at least, that alcohol is going to good use by creating hand sanitizer that Portuguese beer brand Super Bock Group is then donating to hospitals. Super Bock The brand is temporarily renaming its alcohol-free beer “Super Doc” as a tribute… Read More

Ikea’s Quarantine Campaign Offers 6 Ways to Make Furniture Forts

Whether you’re in quarantine with kids who are increasingly desperate for entertainment or you’re simply longing for a time when life was safer and more innocent, Ikea Russia has you covered. The retailer’s newest campaign for the quarantine era perfectly captures that yearning sense of nostalgia by bringing old-fashioned childhood adventure into modern home. Created… Read More

You Can Only Read This Social-Distancing Ad When You’re 6 Feet Away

Newspaper advertising might not be the first place you’d look for innovation, but a new ad from Finland shows the medium still has attention-grabbing life in it yet. TBWAHelsinki brought together two of its clients, retailer HOK-Elanto and newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, for an eye-catching print ad tied to news that the government would be relaxing… Read More

Adweek Exclusive: How the Sports World United to Honor the Pandemic’s ‘Real Heroes’

One of the WWE’s highest-profile superstars, John Cena, has made a career of being self-referential, in the cheekiest way, often showing up for matches in T-shirts with his own face plastered across his impressively ripped chest. But today he’s pumping up someone else instead: Dr. Evan Shannon, an internist and young father who’s working nearly… Read More

These Gun-Shaped Soaps Are Harrowing Reminders of 2 Ongoing Crises

Over the past two months, the Covid-19 outbreak has set off massive sales spikes for products like bidets amid toilet paper shortages, and adoption has surged for furry companions amid social isolation. These needs have cropped up as natural outcomes of getting through life during a pandemic. A far more shocking purchasing bump? The coronavirus… Read More

This AI Meme Generator Parrots the Absurdity of Online Humor

A new AI text generator is bringing an extra dose of absurdity to the internet’s favorite meme formats. Developed by Imgflip founder Dylan Wenzlau, the web app uses natural language processing to generate wholly original text for any of four dozen meme templates in a matter of seconds. The output mimics the internet slang and… Read More

Burger King Self-Censors Its Ads to Tantalize Fans About the Whopper’s Return

Belgians hankering for a Whopper, Double Steakhouse or a BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken sandwich smothered in tangy sauce haven’t been able to get their hands on one since Burger King closed many of its European locations in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. But a new campaign has some fun with the pent-up demand, as Belgian… Read More

These Brands Are Spilling the Secret Recipes of Their Signature Foods During the Pandemic

As governments continue to urge people to stay at home to flatten the Covid-19 contagion curve, people have been flocking to their kitchens in lieu of shuttered restaurants, hoping to be able to fill in the experiential gap with sharpened culinary skills. Unsurprisingly, that newfound cooking hobby has led to a notable increase in traffic… Read More


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