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Klay Thompson’s Comeback Ode Is Visually Stunning While Telling an Honest Story

Athlete comeback story ads (or films, if you’d like) usually follow a linear pattern. First, the devastating injury, then the blow-by-blow of the comeback. The stories are often compelling, sometimes heartbreaking, but generally resolve themselves in the payoff at the end with a return to competition. Last week, Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson shared… Read More

Harrowing Domestic Violence PSA Reminds Us Abuse Is Still Happening Behind Closed Doors

All of us are spending more time at home to stay safe during coronavirus pandemic, but there is one group of people who are not out of harm’s way-victims of domestic abuse. Being cooped up at home is tough. But for victims of violence trapped at home with an abuser, home can also be a… Read More

This Snap Filter Alerts You When You Touch Your Face, Which Is All The Time

Before the coronavirus crisis, not many people thought about how often they touched their own face-but in the fight to keep the spread of the virus under control, we’ve all become aware of how frequently we do. Whether to facepalm, rub our eyes or rest our weary chin after a long day staring at a… Read More

You Can Only Read This Social-Distancing Ad When You’re 6 Feet Away

Newspaper advertising might not be the first place you’d look for innovation, but a new ad from Finland shows the medium still has attention-grabbing life in it yet. TBWAHelsinki brought together two of its clients, retailer HOK-Elanto and newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, for an eye-catching print ad tied to news that the government would be relaxing… Read More

Lego Batman’s New Nemesis is Covid-19 as the Brand Launches a PSA Campaign for Kids

Lego Batman, more accustomed to solo battles against the Joker, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn, is ready to take on “a dude named Covid.” And he needs a hand from kids everywhere. That’s the message of a new PSA starring the wise-cracking toy version of the Caped Crusader, who learns during the video short that Covid… Read More

Heinz Made a Ketchup Jigsaw Puzzle, and Every Single Piece Looks the Same

Like bringing a frustrating dream to life, Heinz has developed a 570-piece, all-red Ketchup puzzle-and every single tiny piece looks the same. The condiment giant is giving away 57 of the puzzles in 17 countries (excluding the U.S., unfortunately for American ketchup fans in lockdown) and is promoting the competition on its social channels in… Read More

Marking the Unofficial Pastime of Quarantine, McDonald’s Made a Burger Jigsaw Puzzle

With most McDonald’s stores closed throughout Europe due to the coronavirus lockdown, many fast food fans probably miss sinking their teeth into Big Macs and Quarter Pounders. So to give them something to distract themselves with, TBWABelgium developed a 500-piece McDonald’s burger puzzle-jumping on the new found popularity of jigsaws, which have fast become the… Read More

McDonald’s Created a Live, Virtual Ramadan Hourglass to Show When It’s OK to Break Fast

McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia has found a clever workaround to promote the brand throughout the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast between dawn and sunset, breaking their fast after sunset at the Iftar evening meal. The advertising of food during this time is not allowed, so Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia has created… Read More

Working Remote Is Going About as Well for Progressive’s Flo and Co. as It Is for You

On the whole, we’re starting to see the possibilities of what creative made in quarantine can look like. A few weeks ago, many agencies and brands held on to the sides of the boat, merely trying to navigate the rough waters of keeping work moving forward. The results were expectedly mixed, but this isn’t necessarily… Read More

Doctors Subtly Become Superheroes in This Inspired Poster Campaign

McCann Belgrade has reimagined doctors and nurses as superheroes in a new outdoor campaign that uses a simple and subtle visual to thank healthcare professionals for their efforts during the coronavirus crisis. The series of three posters, created by the agency’s head of art, Lidija Milovanovic, shows portraits of medical workers with pressure marks on… Read More


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