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Stella Artois Creates Gorgeous Street Art That Cleverly Helps Friends Social Distance

Stella Artois has created a huge, bright 28 x 14-meter piece of artwork right in the heart of London’s famous Brick Lane district. But its geometric shapes and contrasting colors don’t just look pretty, they cleverly show people where to sit to maintain social distancing. Pubs in England were allowed to reopen this weekend for… Read More

KFC Malaysia Makes 86-Track Playlist, Marking Each Day Its Stores Were Closed

Life has been tough for communities throughout lockdown all over the world. But it’s not just people who are missing company–inanimate objects are too, as KFC Malaysia illustrated in its latest campaign to promote the reopening of its restaurants. The fried chicken chain has released a new video featuring a lonely chair, sauce dispenser and… Read More

Haunting Film Uses the Power of Dance to Raise Awareness of Motor Neurone Disease

Motor neurone disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a debilitating illness that afflicts hundreds of thousands of people each year, including physicist Stephen Hawking, who lived with the condition for 55 years before succumbing to it in 2018. Currently, there is no cure, and charities say research into… Read More

Three Wishes Cereal Tracked Down the Willy Wonka Cast to Test Its New Cocoa Flavor

Debuting a new product comes with a slew of complications–even when it doesn’t happen in the midst of a pandemic. So to introduce its new cocoa flavor to consumers, organic cereal startup Three Wishes had to get creative. When pondering how to market a flavor that co-founder Ian Wishingrad describes as truly chocolatey–the brand’s fourth… Read More

Lithuania Has a Secret Weapon for Tourism Success: Cold, Pink Soup

?altibar??iai is not a dish you’re likely to see very often outside of Lithuania, and, unless you’re a linguist, you’re not to likely to have much luck pronouncing it either-but the Baltic state is betting on it to help lure in more tourists, even if it does leave them tongue-tied. ?altibar??iai (pronounced “shull-tee-barsh-chay”) is a… Read More

Ecommerce App Klarna’s New Ads Combine Scandinavian Kitsch With Absurdist Humor

In its first advertising campaign for an American audience, Swedish online shopping app Klarna has joined meme-worthy absurdity with Scandinavian kitsch to produce eye-catching spots and copy. Focusing on a singular selling point–easy online shopping–the new campaign communicates a strong brand aesthetic that’s oddly intriguing. The company, which was founded in 2005, first expanded in… Read More

To Highlight Its Safety Measures, Burger King France Created a Clever Airline Video Parody

Burger King France been transformed into an airline called “Burger Klean” in the brand’s latest funny spot by agency Buzzman. The ad parodies the safety announcements that have long greeted travelers on airplanes, reminds people to pay attention to virus-prevention safety measures and says not to confuse the hand sanitizers in store for ketchup. Running… Read More

This Brand’s Tiny Soap Dissolves After Exactly 30 Seconds of Hand Washing

Never before have people spent so much time washing their hands. Yet, according to research cited by cosmetics brand Lush, people still fail to wash their hands effectively 97% of the time-leaving them unknowingly at risk of infection. In a timely campaign by agency ? and us, Lush United Arab Emirates partnered with Deliveroo to… Read More

With a Quiet Approach You’re Sure to See More of, McDonald’s France Advertises Its Reopening

As Covid-19 ravaged France, tragically claiming the lives of 30,000 residents, the country went into full lockdown to halt the disease’s spread. Now, after an 11-week shutdown, restaurants are beginning to reopen. To promote the doors being open at McDonald’s locations throughout the country, DDB Paris created a charming spot with a touch of nostalgia…. Read More

With Global Brand Refresh, Heinz Creates a Consistent Look for Its Ketchup, Mayo and Beans

Unless you’re a design pro you might not have noticed that the Heinz logo, along with the typeface on packaging, hasn’t always been completely uniform. Until now, the global food giant-which has products spanning 20 categories, including pantry staples like ketchup, beans and mayonnaise-has used variations of branding, with the Heinz logo appearing sometimes on… Read More


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