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Burger King Is Advertising a ‘Quarantine Whopper’ You Can Make at Home

Advertising in the quarantine era is no simple task. Many companies are simply closed for business, meaning there’s not much to advertise anyway. And those that do still have things to promote have to walk a delicate line of sensitivity, with tremendous brand risk for those who botch their messaging during these unprecedented times. Burger… Read More

This Agency Brings a Virtual Slice of Las Vegas to Your Next Zoom Gathering

One of the byproducts of the coronavirus pandemic is a mass movement to work from home. Videoconferences have become the norm for most workplaces, yet there are ways to inject a bit of happiness into an otherwise bleak crisis. As Zoom becomes the preferred home for workplace meetings, many groups are staying on the platform… Read More

New Jack Daniel’s Ad Toasts Social Distancing—and Connection—During Coronavirus Times

Agencies and brands must now contend with a new production reality when it comes to releasing work that connects to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of location shoots, most rely on stock footage or user-generated content. Jack Daniel’s new spot from Energy BBDO uses the latter. “We’ve all had to rapidly adapt to this new reality,… Read More

If Every Brewery Made Hand Sanitizer, It Might Look Like This

With what feels like an eternity already behind us and another one ahead of us in this new anxiety-ridden, quarantined normal, Jesse Alkire has some advice that doesn’t feel like another guilt trip from somebody who actually puts on pants to work from home: Make something silly. “Silly” is just how Alkire, freelance creative director… Read More

Since UK Officials Weren’t Advertising, 3 Creatives Made Posters to Keep Londoners Home

LONDON–As the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spreads around the world, Europe has found itself the current center of the outbreak. And while Italy, France and Spain have essentially been in lockdown for weeks, until Monday the U.K. was not. Concerned by the extent to which their fellow Londoners had been moving around relatively freely, three… Read More

Brands Are Creating Zoom Backgrounds to Class Up Your Quarantine

We’ve all been there: the videoconference is about to start, and you find yourself scrambling for a suitable corner of your home–one that preferably doesn’t expose your piles of washing or unkempt kitchen. Most of us were used to sharing pictures of our homes online only when they were looking Insta-ready. But the coronavirus outbreak… Read More

It’s Not a Real Guinness Ad. But It Is a Perfect Guinness Ad

The praise for Guinness was effusive and abundant. The brand had created a flawless marketing move aimed at keeping people quarantined at home rather than out spreading the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Just one problem: The brand had nothing to do with it. The digital poster, which creates a negative-space outline of a pint glass… Read More

A Massive Ecommerce Site Changed Its Handshake Logo to Promote Social Distancing

Latin America’s largest ecommerce platform, Mercado Libre, is using its most central design element to make a statement about stemming the global outbreak of COVID-19. Agency Gut Buenos Aires has redesigned the site’s logo to replace its longtime handshake with an elbow bump, symbolizing the small daily changes required to create “social distance” that helps… Read More

RoboCop, a Ninja Turtle and a Transformer Are All Back in Action to…Sell Insurance?

Winston Wolf, the deadpan crime-cleanup expert from Pulp Fiction played by Harvey Keitel, has been shilling for Direct Line insurance in the U.K. for the past six years. But the famous fixer has been retired. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something sinister. (He’s not wearing cement shoes or sleeping with the fishes). He’s… Read More

McDonald’s Coffee Ad Argues That Not Everything Needs to Be an ‘Experience’

Sometimes you want to soak in the artisanally crafted ambience of a barista-curated caffeine experience. But sometimes you just want coffee. In its newest spot from Leo Burnett London, McDonald’s McCaf? brand once again takes some shots at gourmet coffee shops, where it’s shockingly easy to spend more than $5 (or in this case 5.30… Read More


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