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Teads Curbs Revenue Guarantees as Ad-Tech Industry Braces for Cuts

In a sign of the long-feared economic slowdown coming to pass, third-party revenue platforms for publishers are quietly revamping their payment processes. Sources say that Altice-owned monetization platform Teads has spent the last week notifying publishers that its earlier revenue guarantees may not materialize, while fellow ad-tech company GumGum has proposed extended payment terms. According… Read More

Apple’s Cookie-Blocking Update Causes Publishers More Pain

Apple has positioned itself as a champion of user privacy, and this week it announced the full blocking of third-party cookies in its web browser Safari, two years ahead of rival offering Google Chrome. It’s the latest move in the rollout of its intelligent tracking prevention plan, and closes earlier loopholes in Apple’s cross-site tracking… Read More

A 7-Figure Ad Fraud Scheme Running on Roku Underlines Murkiness of CTV

Roku has yet again found itself at the center of an ad fraud scheme that likely cost premium brands and political advertisers upwards of seven figures, according to new research from Pixalate. Marketers were led to believe their ads appeared against brand-safe content on the streaming service, such as The Three Stooges, when in reality… Read More

SSPs Tighten Their Belts Ahead of Feared Economic Contraction

While the advertising and media industries try to figure out how to operate in this new reality we all live in, sell-side ad tech is taking measures to ensure buyers can make their payments as ad budgets are being pulled and memories of recent clawbacks linger. U.S. economic activity could contract by as much as… Read More

Media Agencies Are Rethinking Their Supply Chain to Combat In-Housing  

Programmatic trading is entering a new era. Marketers are increasingly taking media buying in-house as changes in privacy laws, growing suspicions about just how much spend goes toward working media and Big Tech’s dominance puts pressure on the legacy business models of network media agencies. In response, some of these players are starting to alter… Read More

Ad-Tech Companies Are Finding Their ‘New Normal’ Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

When the shockwaves of the coronavirus pandemic first hit the ad world, ad-tech firms said they hadn’t yet felt a drastic impact to their businesses. But a lot can change in just two weeks. “We’re definitely in a very fluid situation,” said Adam Lowy, chief commercial officer of Telaria. “Each week, each day has been… Read More

Can the Coronavirus Crisis Prompt a Correction in Brand Safety Tactics?

The coronavirus pandemic is upending economies, sparking arguably the biggest work-from-home migration in history. And as the global calamity unfolds, audiences are naturally turning to trusted online news sources. Normally, large audiences generating record amounts of clicks is good for publisher finances, but the unpredictable nature of events plus a convoluted series of circumstances means… Read More

Publishers Report an Increase in Traffic Due to Coronavirus Coverage

The rate in which readers are consuming coronavirus coverage has led to some record-shattering page views for media organizations, at least according to, a measurement website used by a slew of those publications. Media execs aren’t exactly eager these days to talk about how they’re planning to profit on the one topic that seemed… Read More

Amobee and UM Are Teaming Up to Fill Ad Space With Coronavirus PSAs

Amobee and Universal McCann are spurring an initiative to buy digital ad space to fill units with public service announcements around coronavirus. The companies have come together to serve public service announcements as publishers are being hit by rampant keyword blocking around the virus and other terms associated with it. “The group of us are… Read More

Will Google’s Empire Crack Under Regulatory Pressure?

Google is facing unprecedented public scrutiny, both in terms of user privacy and how it makes smaller companies use its advertising tools. And some well-positioned industry observers are forecasting seismic changes in how the tech giant’s interwoven ad stack–Google controls access to the ad inventory and owns the ad exchange, and its algorithm helps decide… Read More


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