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Essity’s Newest Boundary-Pushing Ad Explores the Joy and Agony of Having a Womb

If the narrative created by most ads was anything to go by, you’d think women from the age of puberty and beyond were put on this Earth to look good, have a few babies, and then basically drop off the edge of the planet by the time they hit menopause–only to return in a cameo… Read More

Harlow Monroe Is a Transgender Woman With an Unlikely Dream in Short Film for Diesel

Fashion marketer Diesel has always urged its young fans to walk their own path, and that message continues in a new campaign debuting today for Pride Month. The music-driven short film, dubbed “Francesca,” follows its central character’s transition from male to female. And though there are plenty of clues and symbolism about where her journey… Read More

This May Seem Like a Typical Quarantine Ad—Until It’s Not

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, consumers have been hit with a steady stream of “heartfelt” and maudlin ads. Indeed, one would expect that the gravity of the moment in history demands a more somber approach. Yet the revolving door or sparse music, empty cities and predictable verbiage has veered Covid-19 advertising into its… Read More

They Helped Make Slack Famous. Now Sandwich Is Back to Report on Using It From Home

The team at boutique production house Sandwich were Slack’s first ad stars, grudgingly trying out the startup service in 2014 and reporting on their experience. The resulting, relatable ads tallied 5 million views on YouTube, helping introduce the now-mainstream collaborative platform, and the clips have continued to draw traffic ever since. Today, Slack launched a… Read More

Lizzo Covers The Beatles for Facebook’s Ad Launching Messenger Rooms

Facebook is staking a bigger claim on 2020’s video chat boom with newly expanded features–and an ad backed by serious star power. The 30-second spot, “Pictures” from agency Leo Burnett and Facebook’s Creative X studio, was co-directed by brothers Michel and Olivier Gondry and is set to a cover of The Beatles’ “All Together Now”… Read More

This Ad Showing the Raw Emotion Felt by Front-Line Medical Workers Needs No Dialogue

Since the global pandemic began, brands continue to determine the best way forward on messaging. The tone of advertising covers a fairly wide range. There’s unity, as exhibited by “The Real Heroes Project.” There are explanations of business shifts to aid society. And, of course, plenty of ads offer endless and deserved thanks to essential… Read More

‘Empire State of Mind’ Makes First Ad Appearance as an Anthem to NYC Healthcare Heroes

For more than a decade, “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z has been a globally recognized celebration of New York City’s grit, glamour and hard-earned opportunities. Recently, the 2009 song has taken on a new role that reflects the city’s pride in its resilience. When patients are discharged from Montefiore Health System… Read More

Working Remote Is Going About as Well for Progressive’s Flo and Co. as It Is for You

On the whole, we’re starting to see the possibilities of what creative made in quarantine can look like. A few weeks ago, many agencies and brands held on to the sides of the boat, merely trying to navigate the rough waters of keeping work moving forward. The results were expectedly mixed, but this isn’t necessarily… Read More

In These ‘Sucky’ Times, Coors Light Is Now Offering Free Beers

Coors Light fans across the country owe a special thanks to Olive Veronesi, though you probably don’t need to buy her a beer. After the 93-year-old Pennsylvanian was photographed holding up a sign that said “I need more beer!” and her image quickly circulated the globe, Coors Light sent her 10 free cases. But her… Read More

Greta Thunberg’s Organization Just Created One of the Most Visceral Climate Crisis Ads Ever

For all its good intentions, advertising around the climate crisis has yet to break through. The perils of the current Covid-19 crisis have snapped the world into large-scale action, but activists have never managed to create similar urgency around the slow burn of a degrading planet. That’s not to say that advertising around climate urgency… Read More


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