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5G’s Rapid Growth Sparked a Conspiracy Theory That Spiraled Amid the Pandemic

As popular conspiracy theories around 5G networks and the novel coronavirus prompt activist lawsuits, local government reviews and even rogue vandalism of cellphone towers, a Federal Communications Commission official warned recently that the hysteria could hinder the rollout of service. “High-speed, high-capacity wireless networks will be indispensable tools for our social and economic recovery,” FCC… Read More

After 2-Year Regulatory Maze, Sprint and T-Mobile Have Merged

Sprint and T-Mobile have officially closed their merger, capping off a two-year regulatory journey that wound through several levels of the country’s legal system. The $26 billion deal will bring the number of major wireless carriers in the United States to just three, despite antitrust challenges from the Justice Department and, more recently, lawsuits from… Read More

Mobile World Congress Canceled After Coronavirus Scares Off Major Companies

Organizers of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announced today that this year’s conference will be canceled after more than two dozen companies pulled out due to concerns about the global coronavirus outbreak. Typically attended by more than 100,000 people, the late-February event has been the wireless industry’s biggest trade show for more than three… Read More

Dozens of Companies Withdraw From Mobile World Congress Over Coronavirus Fears

With fears around the coronavirus outbreak running high, more than 20 companies have canceled plans to attend the global wireless industry’s premier trade show, Mobile World Congress, set to take place later this month in Barcelona. Among those backing out are major industry players including device manufacturers LG, Sony and Vivo, chipmakers Ericsson, Intel and… Read More

How Sports Stadiums Might Be the Best Arena for a 5G Experience

The arrival of 5G has inevitably been accompanied by a significant volume of hype. But now the hype is justified. 5G really will be a gamechanger. Unlike previous generations of wireless standards, 5G’s impact goes way beyond simply increasing the speed of connectivity. However, the complexities of realizing 5G’s promise at scale–for example, across a… Read More


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