Azad Jammu and Kashmir, commonly referred to as Azad Kashmir, is a self-governing administrative region in the northern part of Pakistan. It is also sometimes referred to as Pakistan-administered Kashmir or the “Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir”.

The region is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is bordered by India to the east and the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir to the west. Azad Kashmir covers an area of approximately 13,297 square kilometers and has a population of around 4 million people.

The region is known for its stunning natural beauty, with scenic mountains, rivers, and lakes. It is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy activities such as hiking, trekking, and rafting.

Azad Kashmir has a predominantly Muslim population and has its own government and legislative assembly, which is responsible for the administration of the region. The economy of the region is largely based on agriculture, with a significant portion of the population engaged in farming and livestock rearing.

The region has been a disputed territory between India and Pakistan since the partition of India in 1947. Both countries claim the region in its entirety, with India controlling the southern and eastern parts of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, while Pakistan administers the northern and western areas of the region, including Azad Kashmir. The dispute has resulted in several conflicts between the two countries over the years, with both sides accusing the other of violating ceasefire agreements.