About the PodSot

PodSot.com is a the first website which deals only in hotels, guesthouses and rent a car. You can list your above mentioned business for bookings directly without paying any commission to site. You will receive direct bookings and calls for booking or inquiries after adding your business (Hotel, Guest House, Rent a Car). And the customers can search the business as per need from this site and no need to pay any commission for bookings.

Our mission

Our main goal or mission is to add all type of business described above free of cost for limited time and then PodSot.com will charge to business yearly a very less amount from business owners.


Business owners, Managers can advertise there business in google adwords, or any social networks and can get direct bookings from customers without paying any amount to this site.

What Type of Business List here?

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For a Limited time offer add free of cost your Hotel, Guest House, and Rent a Car. Your own content, Pictures, Location, Address and Phone Number

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Register free here in site and then you will get complete admin account for listing your Hotel, Guest House or Rent a Car. And all things you want