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Smile When You Say That: Joker’s Last Laugh | MZS

[ad_1] by Matt Zoller Seitz October 23, 2019   |   Print Page Tweet As of this writing, Todd Phillips’ “Joker” has earned nearly $1 billion globally, making it one of the most successful comic book movies ever released. But the discourse surrounding it will outlive this moment. No comic book-derived film since “Black Panther ” has sparked […] Read More

For My Birthday, I Celebrated Victory Gardens Theater | Chaz’s Journal

[ad_1] by Chaz Ebert October 21, 2019   |   Print Page Tweet For years, I didn’t pay much attention to my birthday, then Mother told me (and I am paraphrasing) that to honor your birthday is to proclaim to the Universe that “I Am.” She was wise like that, so I took her words to heart […] Read More

In Loving Memory of Diahann Carroll and Jessye Norman | Chaz’s Journal

[ad_1] by Chaz Ebert October 11, 2019   |   Print Page Tweet Two legendary performers, Diahann Carroll and Jessye Norman, recently passed away, and I couldn’t resist paying tribute to their legacies. They were truly Divas with a capital “D,” in the most positive, complimentary definition of the word, and both were pioneers in their fields. Let’s begin […] Read More

“The Bed Thing”: A Short Film by MZS | MZS

[ad_1] by Matt Zoller Seitz October 9, 2019   |   Print Page Tweet The short film you’re about to watch was more than ten years in the making. I directed, edited and cowrote it. It’s the story of two friends who lean on each other during a difficult period of their lives. It’s also the story of what […] Read More


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